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    Match 3 games

    Match 3 games

    Match 3 gamesThree-in-a-line games are a fascinating world of balls and crystals that must be properly combined by matching them with colors. the main task of the player is to collect or find groups (lines) of three or more identical elements. when you create longer combinations, you can get an extra bonus that will earn you extra points and free up space for more items.

    explosives and lightning that destroy objects diagonally, vertically or horizontally are the most popular. it is also worth mentioning a special "booster" that removes objects of the same color. to activate it, you need to connect four or five objects at the same time. One of the most important factors in "3 in one line" games is time.

    if you do not want to lose it, you must do it within a certain period of time. this will serve as the main criterion for obtaining the highest score in the rating table. it is worth noting that the gameplay is very diverse, it offers players a large number of different bonuses that significantly increase the chances of winning.

    games of this genre are very exciting, help to develop logical and intellectual skills, are targeted at as many players as possible and cover almost all ages. share your impressions with friends and invite them to have fun.