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    fireboy and watergirl games

    fireboy and watergirl games

    fireboy and watergirl gamesThe Fire and Water game is one of the most popular platform games, which is played not only by children but also by the elderly from around the world. The main characters of the games are the most known nature spirits or the element of water as the Water Girl and element of fire as the Fiery Boy.

    Together they must overcome many difficult levels and challenges that will lead them to victory. To go through all the tasks, they must work together. Success will only be achieved if they use their strength and ingenuity together. Games like fire and water will teach players to work together, and this will lead them to achieve a common goal. The game is best played for 2 people. For example, one player will play Water and the other will play Fire.

    Each of the two characters has their own special skills and weaknesses. The Water Girl can easily go through water tanks, but meeting the fire will be destructive for her. The same is true with the boy. Fire can easily pass through flames, but the water for it is also destructive.

    In the "Fire and water" section we've gathered all the most interesting and popular games in this series. Here you can visit ancient temples and learn their secret. You have many great hours of fun with our favorite heroes - Fire and Water.